On October 12th, VNV Nation embark on a world tour in support of the upcoming album "Noire". The tour will travel across mainland Europe before heading to North America, with more shows in Europe and other parts of the world throughout 2019. The tour promises more to fans than seen before, with an extra long show covering songs from the new album, as well as fan favourites and rarities.

"Noire", the first studio album in 5 years, is described as a "dark and intense energy that doesn't hold back". The album is out October 12th.

Tickets for the Noire Tour are available HERE



Each of the vinyl re-releases is available in two versions - a regular 180g gatefold edition, and a special limited edition 180g gatefold with clear vinyl and alternate artwork. The Empires special edition is limited to 1500 copies worldwide, and the Automatic special edition is limited to 3000 copies worldwide.




P R E V I O U S - N E W S - I T E M S



It all started with an invitation to play at a youthclub in Germany, to support their organisation. The next night was going to be a sold out Compendium show in an old machine factory in Munich, so this was going to be quite the contrast. The idea to play two classic albums had been talked about for a while, so we took the opportunity and performed two albums "Automatic" and "Empires", crammed onto the stage, with minimal lights, at a small packed club. It was a return to the places where we'd started out. The show was electric. There were lots of requests to repeat the show so we played a series of small clubs around Europe, having the same experience show after show. Obviously, North American fans didn't want to be left out, as the many messages let us know. With a show like this, playing in small clubs, we wanted to take it everywhere. Finding sufficient time in the year wasn't easy but we managed, and packed in as many shows as possible. Our special guest on the tour is iVardensphere, performing as a one-person act on this run, improvising an energetic beat driven show with his modular synthesizers.




" R E S O N A N C E "


The Resonance albums features songs from various VNV Nation albums, arranged purely for voice and orchestra, and recorded with the world renowned Babelsberg Film Orchestra, at their studios in Potsdam, near Berlin. This has undoubtedly been the largest and most complicated production yet for a VNV release, but the results are breathtaking. The album was released on May 15th 2017 in a number of different formats - CD-Digibook, regular CD-digipack and deluxe limited edition boxset with 6 x 10inch vinyl discs, a CD of the album and a 32 page book, in a hardcover box with gold print. The album reached #7 in the German Media Control Album Charts, #1 on Amazon's Classical Chart, #3 on the Billboard Classical Crossover Chart and #4 on the Billboard Classical Music Chart.



The last full VNV Nation studio album, "Transnational", was released in Europe on Oct 11th 2013 and in North America. The album reached #9 in the German Album Charts and hit #1 in the German Alternative Charts. It has charted high in other countries and hit #1 on a number of alternative charts which is an amazing result. We feel very honoured by the response and want to thank all of those who helped the album achieve this result.

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We've just released the long awaited "Crossing the Divide EP" on our Soundcloud page. The EP contains remixes of tracks from the album "Of Faith, Power and Glory" by artists like Rotersand, Reaper, Daniel Myer and AFI"s Jade Puget. You can get the EP for free HERE



VNV Nation's Album "AUTOMATIC" was released on September 16th, 2011 and entered the official German Top 100 Album Charts at #8. It also entered at #9 in the German CD Album Sales Chart. It hit #1 on iTunes Canada, #3 on Musicload in German, #7 on Amazon Germany and we're still waiting for info about how high it got on iTunes Germany but apparently, it was pretty good too. This is incredible news. It is an album that exceeded our ambitions in every sense and we're more than proud of the album. We would even dare to say that it's our favourite so far, though comments like this are heresy for some :)

To celebrate the release, we are giving away a free track called "Control" from the album, which you can download or share on your own site or FB page (click on the title of the track below to go to our soundcloud page). There is also an album preview that you can play here or download or share.

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If you want to know which equipment VNV Nation uses, there's an up to date list HERE


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