(L) = Legacy equipment (used on older recordings)

Analogue Synths

orgon systems custom "modcom"modular
system-b modular
dotcom modular
roland system 700
roland system 100 - model 101 + 102
roland jupiter 4
roland sh-2
custom eurorack modular
erica synths syntrx
blue lantern modules darpa 7200
analogue systems / analogue solutions mixed 6U modular system
dreadbox abyss
dreadbox nyx
hypersynth xenophone
future retro xs (x2)
dave smith polyevolver rack
arp2600 mk-III
antonus 2600 (grey face)
oberheim xpander

oberheim ob-1 (L)
roland sh-2 (L)
sci pro-1 (L)
doepfer mcv24 midi to cv (2)
doepfer maq 16/3 step sequencer
sequentix p3 step sequencer

Digital Synths / Samplers ensoniq asr-10 (L), waldorf streichfett, creamware noah (L), virus ti2 (L), emu proteus 2000 (L), yamaha ex5r (L), roland moc-1 (L)

Virtual Instruments & FX

too many to list and always changing


shadowhills equinox - recording / monitor / summing console

Preamps : groovetubes VIPre, bae 1073, shadowhills monogama (x2), ridgefarm gascooker, AEA TRP2, joemeek vc6

Dynamics : retro sta-level, overstayer modular channel, shadowhills dual vandergraph, elysia xpressor, anamod am660, hairball 1176, ridgefarm boiler, inward connections brute 2, empirical labs distressor, empirical labs deresser

EQ's : custom vintage dual pultec eqp-1a, great river harrison 32eq (x2), ssl 4000e eq (x2), standard audio stretch (x2)

FX : culture vulture, eventide eclipse, strymon bigsky / timeline / volante / bluesky / capistan, chase bliss cxm 1978, lounsberry organ grinder, alesis quadraverb (L), lexicon pcm 90 (L)


aea r44ce, brauner vm1, shure sm7, ear trumpet myrtle, brauner phantom classic, electro voice 630 amperite cmak, shure 708S stratoliner

DAW / Sequencing logic pro x

Computer / Audio / MIDI

apple powermac, antelope oorion 32+ and orion 32, uad-2 octo, tc powercore, emagic amt8/mt4


barefoot mm45 + barefoot sub45, amphion one15

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